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  • Office Communicator (Lync should work but not tested, need feedback)


1. Unzip to a web site/folder.

You should be able to immediately test this without any changes by opening the page via your web server. Of course, the floor-plan image included with the zip probably won't match yours.

2. Place floor-plan image in same folder and either rename image or change CSS to point to the new image.

3. Point jquery to local files instead of directly from


Drag contacts from Office Communicator (hopefully will work with Lync as well, but not tested) to the Add button on the page

- or -

Click the Add button, double-click on the name and change it to a valid contact sip address.

Keep in mind that it does need to be a valid sip address. If what is displayed for your contacts (in Office Communicator) is not a valid sip address, then the drag & drop feature is going to be useless.

Drag the contacts wherever you would like on the page.

Delete contacts from page by dragging to the Trash.

Save contacts to local browser data storage via the Save button. Next time you open the page, it will automatically be retrieved from storage.

Icons should automatically be refreshed as contacts change status.

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